Aqua Medical

RF Vapor Ablation

Aqua Medical has developed a disruptive, vapor-based, through-the-endoscope ablation technology to treat gastrointestinal diseases and prevent GI cancers.

RF Vapor Ablation

At Aqua Medical, we believe gastrointestinal diseases, including GI cancers, will be preventable and manageable with our innovative platform-based through-the-scope ablative intervention.

We’ve designed our unique technology to be faster, easier, and clinically more effective than current management techniques. Our current focus is on equipping physicians to manage some of the most difficult GI and metabolic conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, with outpatient treatment using our radiofrequency vapor ablation solution.

Aqua Medical’s RFVA System provides:

  • Through-the-endoscope technology, familiar to most GI endoscopists and shortening the procedure learning curve
  • Ultrashort procedure time (~30 minutes)
  • A fluoroscopy-free procedure
  • Multiple unique catheters to treat diseases throughout the GI tract

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